Dinner party in a marquee

Different types of marquee hire

Marquee hire can be used for many reasons. The UK provides some of the marquees hires for your needs. There are different ways you can look for a company that can provide your need. The best way to look is in your local area through online research or phone directories. Before hiring a marquee, it’s ideal to see if the company provides various types of marquees to suit your occasion. Some company offers a particular service while others are flexible. Let’s take a look at the following types of marquee hire.

Wedding Marquee

A wedding marquee hire is one of the most popular services out of all the other types. Marquee is an essential decoration for your wedding party held in an open space. The marquees can be decorated to fit the wedding theme when needed. Depending on the company you have chosen, you will find that some offers the full package of the wedding marquee which includes the extra service including the planning and decoration. Or you can solely hire the marquee without the additional services.

In house Marquee

An in-house marquee is suitable for personal or business events that are held indoors. The in-house marquees can create a more cosy atmosphere for a family event or a more professional vibe with an industry event.

Corporate Marquee

The corporate marquees are used for corporate events including marketing events or commerce. Depending on the colour theme of your business, you can hire the marquee in your preferred colour.

The marquees can also come in different shapes and sizes to cater for your needs.

Party Marquee

The party marquees are suited for various kinds of party events including Christmas, birthday, graduation and more. Marquees can be used in different ways on a party. For instance, it can be used as an area for serving foods and drink or a dancing area for night-time outdoor parties.

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