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Taking out a marquee for your next event is a wise decision indeed. They are flexible and you can mould them to suit any occasion and setting. However, there is more to the experience than just the pavilion itself. There is catering, lighting, the interior, and the furniture to take into account. To pull off an unforgettable garden party or business event, you have to make a decision on each of these things. With a high standard of event management, organising your marquee is a breeze.

Soft and Hard Furnishings

A wedding marquee demands a high standard of furnishing. You have a variety of options available to you. When purchasing or hiring the tables and chairs, it can be slightly pricey. A good idea if the event is a wedding is after the ceremony, the church furniture, particularly the chairs could be used for the reception of after-party. Since marquees come in a number of different colours, you can match the table and seating coverings with the interior. You are free to be as lavish or as sparse as you like. Install a cherry pine table or just a simple card table with a tablecloth. It depends what effect you want to create and how much you want to invest.

Interior Decorating

Even if you use an elegant white decor on the outside, you can completely transform the interior. A cosy family gathering can have the inner walls decorated in sheets of red silk or velvet. Weddings can stick with an elegant white with dressing consisting of yellows, pinks, and baby blues. The only limits to what you can do are in your imagination. For traditional Eastern nuptials where marquees are a staple, you can refer to Asian wedding directories for Indian wedding ideas. Sites like are extremely popular not only amongst new bride-to-be’s but also professional wedding planners. To make sure you get what you want, make sure you book it a few months in advance of the event. This gives you the chance to view the look and make any final changes.


Lighting is another factor to take into account. You have to consider which lighting effects will ignite a spark at your garden party. In the middle of summer, you will only have a small window where your lighting effects can come into play. In this case, you’d probably prefer to stick with a chandelier as it can create a focal point on its own. In the winter, you have more options for lighting. It might add some shimmer to the surroundings with starcloth or candles. This can make the event feel soft and warm, despite the cold weather.


Catering is something a pavilion supplier can help with. To make sure your event management plan goes off without a hitch, book the catering services far in advance. There are many catering services which provide for many events such as weddings, parties, conferences and other corportate gatherings. One highly recommended company is Cooks & Partners, who provide luxury catering and event management. You can choose your dishes, how many courses, and how many guests you expect to arrive. Here is a tip, assume that at least a quarter of your invited guests will not turn up. Obviously, you will have to coordinate your catering needs with the tables and seating you intend on utilising.


Marquees have the advantage of being flexible. At a corporate event, erect a stage, which rises above the tables so you can make a speech to your fellow colleagues. For a wedding or other special occasion, you can order a stage and sound system to accommodate a band of your choice. Create a dance area or buffet table for birthday parties and celebrations. A special set up can also be built for childrens parties. Each marquee can have its own event— from childrens entertainers to kids facepainting and balloon modelling –your party ideas can become reality with a little creativity. It is your occasion and you can have whatever you want to make it special!

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