Perfect Marquees for Special Occasions

Some see the marquee as a glorified tent. Well, this is how the concept started out, but over the years, they have become more sophisticated. They are now considered temporary buildings for special events because of their variety and flexibility. It is not uncommon for members of the upper echelons of society to hold a garden party or wedding marquee in the grounds of one stately home or another. It is a worthwhile addition for all occasions as they can fulfil any need. One if the most highly recommended companies for marquee hire is Marquee Leisure Services, providing beautiful tents for occasions such as weddings, corporate, sporting events and even exhibitions. They will also help with the event essentials including the interior, tables, chairs and flooring. Here’s what a perfect event marquee can do for you and your upcoming special occasion.

Events Variety

  • Weddings – Decor in elegant white with areas to dance, give speeches, and mingle.
  • Corporate and work events – Areas to place long tables, chairs, and buffets.
  • Garden parties – Ideal dining area with foldable walls to create an open air space.

Mingling and Dancing

Event organisation is about creating designated areas for each attraction. Get the right sized pavilion and you can segregate it into buffet areas, seating areas, stages, and dance floors. It is merely the structure of your event. Inside, you can place furniture like tables, chairs, and elaborately decorative displays. This flexibility is precisely why a marquee is ideal for a corporate event, wedding, or family party.

All Weathers

Marquees are designed to bring your wedding or event outdoors in the lovely weather. If you are getting married abroad, then a small marquee on a beach would be perfect. Not only will it keep the wind at bay, but will also look beautiful within the surroundings. However these tents are still a great option for a venue on a bad rainy day. They keep the outside away from your event. No longer is it a case of praying you choose a day when it does not decide to rain on your parade. It does not matter if it rains or snows because the material protects you and your guests. There are a number of pavilion options. Look at the time of year you want to order an event marquee. In the winter, a thin piece of fabric is not enough for guests to stay comfortable and enjoy themselves. Well, there is a wedding marquee for you. Choose a winter weather style and get extra covering and insulation. They are more than capable of holding additional marquee heating inside, so partying inside a beautiful tent can feel as cosy as being indoors.

Tailored Packages

No occasion is exactly the same. We all have our own outlooks on the layout, atmosphere, and sights of an event setting. Proper event management caters to these needs. Marquees have the advantage of being flexible. They completely adaptable for any type of couple. For example, a marquee would be perfect as an asian wedding venue. Don’t stick to the traditional white and fill the tent with bright colours, hundreds of guests and traditional music and food. If you order one and you feel like it is not big enough to accommodate the extra tables and seating you want inside, it’s not an issue. Just make a call and get another, or a new and bigger pavilion. Some of them even have dividers inside to make additional rooms. This adds a new dimension and makes it appear bigger than it actually is. You have complete control over the sort of effect you want.

Colours and Themes

What makes pavilions ideal for any corporate event or garden party is the number of colours and themes it offers. You do not just have to stick to an elegant white. Choose aqua blue or a rich red. There is also furniture to match. Get in touch to find out more about the different colours and themes available.

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