Tips for Getting the Best Price on a Wedding Marquee Hire

wedding marquee

Preparing for a wedding involves a lot of money, and If you’re on a tight budget, it’s ideal to look for the best price possible. Hiring a wedding marquee can take a big chunk out of your wedding budget. To ensure you stay on your budget, follow our tips below.

Research and compare

Look for a few companies online that offer an affordable price. Once you have the lists, compare the prices and see which company offers the best value. You may want to check the company’s review to see the quality of their product and services.

Book early

Hiring a marquee way in advance may help you get a lower price. Some companies offer an early discount rate, so make sure you book ahead to save cost. Usually, you would have to book 12 months in advance minimum for these types of discount.

Don’t use the supplier from the venue

Some venues may recommend you their supplier of marquees. It’s ideal to find your chosen supplier as you can choose your price range. Marquee suppliers would generally visit your venue to ensure the size, and the look will fit your venue.

Book a package

When a hiring marquee, you may want to opt in for a bundle package as they are sometimes cheaper and comes with extra bits. However, when you’ve chosen a package, make sure that you do not get tempted to add some additional decors as this will make your package more expensive than it should be.

Avoid booking on weekends

Weekends are most popular for wedding events which means prices are higher than usual as the demand is higher. Instead of booking on the weekends, try to schedule the date on weekdays to get the best price possible. Make sure your guests are aware of the dates way in advance.

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