Stretch tents for weddings
Stretch Tents

Stretch Tents: A Great Alternative to a Wedding Marquee

What is a Stretch Tent?

Stretch tents are a smart alternative to traditional tents and marquees. They originated in South Africa and this is where the best quality stretch tents are manufactured to this day. The tent is made of a 3ply, stretchable and waterproof material, stretched over poles which create a tension-based rigging. Stretch tents are highly flexible in terms of size and shape, with sides that can be raised or lowered depending on the requirement. Stretch tents are also available in different colours with a variety of heating, lighting, seating and stage options which can be combined to create a unique ambience for any event.

What are Stretch Tents Used For?

Stretch tents can be customised to suit the event

With stunning curves, endless flexibility and a modern look, stretch tents provide a wonderful backdrop for weddings and an exciting alternative to typical tents and marquees. Stretch tent hire is popular for a range of other events such as garden parties, festivals and corporate events, but can be used for any event due to the breadth of options and customisations available. Seating can be formal or relaxed and lighting can be bright to bring focus or low to help guests relax. Inside the space can be split up to make different areas be it trestle-style seating, cocktail-style standing tables, staging or a dancefloor. In some cases stretch tents can even be rigged to other structures and buildings to create a quirky outside space extending from another venue. Bad weather isn’t a concern as the tents are waterproof and the sides can be let down to create a barrier from the weather. Heaters are also available as an option so guests stay warm and dry, come rain or shine.

How much does a Stretch Tent Cost?

Prices start at around £995+VAT for smaller stretch tents, with typical starter packages starting at around £1.5k and rising as the size increases. Extras such as lighting, flooring and seating will also increase the price, however there are packages available where these can be bundled together to save money. The pricing should include set up and take down, as well as all cables for any electrical needs. The flexible fabric used for stretch tents is what allows such customisation of shape and size and the unique appearance, however the stretchy fabric has a shorter shelf life than PVC which is typically used for tents and marquees. This means pricing for stretch tents is generally more expensive than for traditional marquees, however the degree of flexibility and customisation gives an individual look which speaks for itself.

If you’re looking for an event venue that will stand out, stretch tents are a great alternative to traditional marquees. Whether it’s for your big day, a unique music festival or a bespoke corporate event, the flexibility of these tents allows you to create an ideal venue sure to impress. The waterproof design means it can be both elegant and practical and the different options give you free reign to design the optimal experience for an event your guests won’t forget.

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