Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Marquee Service

When planning events such as wedding or business occasions, it can be overwhelming as you’ll have to plan and set up everything that’s required. For instance, you’ll have to find the right venue, catering, location, entertainment and everything else! It also comes at a cost, which means you’ll need to consider your budget carefully.

You may find yourself hiring a marquee for the first time when setting up an event. Many people can easily make a mistake when hiring a marquee. That’s why it’s important to know what mistakes you should avoid ensuring you hire the right marquee provider and have a smooth event on the day.


Before you choose a marquee provider, you’ll need to confirm the number of visitors attending the event. Once you have the numbers down, you’ll have an idea of what size of marquee you will require for the event. If it’s a small gathering, you could look for small size marquee and for bigger events you could opt in for large size marquees.


It’s essential to look for a marquee company who offers a variety of sizes for marquees. When you’ve chosen a location, you should measure up the size of the marquee required for the event. Marquee providers would generally ask you for the full measurements and sizes. They will then be able to provide you with a suitable quote for the size of the marquee.


Marquees come in different styles. Some come with clear windows, while others have no windows at all. For example, some business events would require privacy, which means it’s ideal to choose a marquee that has closed walls without windows.


When you’re choosing a location and venue for the event, you’ll need to check if they allow marquees. Some area and sites don’t allow setups for marquees.

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