• decorating a marquee

    Tips for decorating a wedding marquees

    Now that you have hired and chosen your marquee for your wedding party, the next step would be to plan and decorate them to suit your theme. A marquee is an open space where you can be creative with decoration as much as you want. To help you plan and decorate your marquee we’ve come up with some following tips that would be useful for your wedding after party.


    For planning decoration, it’s ideal to draw up the size and shape of your marquee on a piece of paper. This will give you an idea of the space available and where the furniture should can be placed. Finding out the number of people who are attending can also help with how many chairs you will need.


    The budget should include everything you will need from chairs, flowers and decorations. You can also add the extra bits that you might need later.

    Wall decoration

    If you have chosen a tent marquee, then it already comes with a wall drape. For some of you who have opted for a marquee without a wall tent, you can use your fabric instead. We recommend buying some hanging lights and decorations for the side roof or the wall.